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The team of Uraan is a perfect set of multitalented people having a complete grip of their field and a shared moral value of giving this country a better future.

URAAN-The Tutelage Drive is a foundation of people who share this school of thought that every human being is blessed with natural talent and equal set of opportunities to perform in life, but our society limit this set of opportunities for underprivileged people. Through this initiative we want to inculcate an ethos of excellence and competency among our young generation. We will break the limited vision of the underprivileged children and make them realize the fact that if you put in the right efforts you can achieve anything, for example they have the skills to become a CSS officer, an army officer, CEO of a Company, and even President of Pakistan. It is not for granted that a son of a clerk can only do low profile jobs. Along with this we will also make sure that they don’t build a miss fit of aspirations that creates a problem for their family and society. We want to see Pakistan as a nation, unfortunately since 1947 we are in mid way to become a nation, through this program we want to play our bit and make the coming generation to be one nation and that’s Pakistan.

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Irtifa Nasir
Asst. Professor Forman Christian College
Asst. Professor Forman Christian College Fulbright Scholar MS (Marketing) University of Florida
Dr. Farid A. Malik
Professor Forman Christian College
Professor Forman Christian College Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation

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